Thursday, June 2, 2011

What will I do when she is gone?

My Aunt Janice calls me about once a month "just to check in"
She is 78 and is my mom's oldest sister.
I can't tell you how much those phone calls mean to me!

I mean, my aunt is one of those people who can talk on your voicemail until it cuts her off.


So, of course, you never get on the phone unless you know you have time to talk... but I really do try to make the time... because I have great memories because of her.

She always would take that extra moment to spend with us. Her kids were grown by the time we came along, so she had that extra time.

She had a dairy farm when I was young. Whenever the baby calves were born, she let us name them... and she would actually remember their names.

My favorite memory of her is playing with her old telephone. She would stand around the corner, so I could "dial" her up and we would have a conversation.

She recently was diagnosed with cancer.
She is currently going through chemo.
It is so scary for me!
I already don't have a mom... what will happen if I don't have an aunt to check in on me anymore??

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  1. Ah Dawn that's so sad;-( I don't know what to say... I wish I could be there to give you hug. Everything I have is crossed for your aunt and she is in my thoughts.


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