Thursday, December 23, 2010

There's Comet and Cupid and Donner and ...Badger?

Tonight the boys were entertaining each other... basically they were done with wrestling for a while.

So Sam says, "Guess who I am?"
"Rudolf?" Colby guesses.
Sam: "Nope."
Colby: "Comet"
Sam: "Nope."
Colby: "Cupid?"
Sam: "Nope."
Colby: "I give up."
Sam: "Badger."
Colby: "Badger? Who's Badger?"
Sam: "He's one of the reindeer."
Colby & I: "No... no he's not."
...Incessant laughing ensues.


  1. If Sleazy can be one of the seven dwarfs, I don't see why Badger can't be one of Santa's reindeer. It's just that his name didn't fit in the song.

  2. Badger is Donner's third cousin once removed. He only shows up for weddings.

    Merry Christmas, Dawn. K

  3. Look at how stinking cute he is!


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