Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something Sentimental

I know that many of you have been waiting to hear how the date went.
I say that as if it has been forever ago since it happened...
ha. It was yesterday.
Yes, in my mind, that was forever ago.

The funny thing is I spent 6 hours with him.
What did you do??... you might ask.

Well... we went an ate at a little cafe that he picked out because it had the Christian fish symbol on their window.
He had seen it the last time he was in my town.
He had decided it was a place he would like to try out.
I think we were there for approx. 3 hours.
I'm not really sure though... lost track of time and didn't look at my watch.

After that, we headed down the block and ended up at Starbucks... where we spent another approx 3 hours.
We had planned of going to play putt putt golf.
That never occurred.
It didn't really bother either of us.

At 7:00, he had to go... he had students that needed to take a test.
I needed to go, I needed to get my boys.
It was obvious neither one of was ready... but we said our good-byes anyways.

After getting home, I wondered and waited.
Did it just go well in my head, or did he feel the same?
I finally broke down and texted him at 11pm to tell him good night and that I had a good time.
Shortly there after, I got a response.
"I can't stop smiling" it said. "Talk to you tomorrow."

Tonight when we talked he said he regretted that we hadn't kept the papers that we had scribbled on in the cafe or that we hadn't taken a picture together.
"Sentiments" he said.
That is something (looking back) that I would want.
If things work out... I will be sad that I won't have that.
But what is even more important... is he will be sad too.


  1. Am so glad it went well!!! That's fantastic new! Good for you.

    Everything is still crossed that there are many more good times together for you.

  2. Dont you just love when things go soooo well that you forget the time. : )
    I am soooo happy for you. I hope it works out.
    He sounds great.

    You deserve something great!

  3. I am so glad that it went well! I was crossing my finger for you.

  4. Ohhhh it sounds dreamy!!!!!! How wonderful!


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