Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teacher Top Secret

Here are some things that before you become a teacher, they don't tell you:

  1. You will live for jean day.

  2. If you leave it in the teacher's lounge, by accident, it is free game...and it won't be there 20 minutes later. (Vultures...I tell you...vultures!)

  3. You will learn to how to go 8 hours without having to pee.

  4. There is no end to your stack of papers.

  5. You will learn to inhale your food...because there is no time for chewing and enjoying in the 15 minutes that you actually sit down to eat.

  6. You will have to deal with pee and poop...peeing children that will sit and pee in their chair to "defy" you. Poop stashed throughout your room till you feel like a crazy person calling all other teachers in to help you sniff to locate the stash.

  7. You will (at some point and time) google "Life after teaching"

  8. You will joke with your teacher buddies about drinking in your closets...because even though it would never happen...some days you wish it could.

  9. You will participate in days like "Pajama Day"...and get complimented repeatedly for your crazy sock monkey pajamas. Who knew kids like to see their teachers in pajamas??


  1. So many of these things translate into my life, even though I'm not a teacher. Especially speed eating. I hope someday I'll be able to enjoy, really enjoy, food again.

  2. Oh, I heart sock monkeys with warm fuzzy gusto!

    Very cute. I would have been thrilled to see my teacher wearing sock monkey pjs.


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