Thursday, October 22, 2009

Forget being in two places at once

Sooo... I'm on FB tonight.

I am also on the phone with Spencer.

This is normal.

Many nights we sit in silence with one another on the phone. This may seem odd to some, but really it's not. If we lived together, if we were in the same place, people would not think it odd for us to sit in the same room and not converse, just be...and that is what we are doing. We are just being together... without being together.

Tonight, I was chatting on IM. (I am fully admitting that I use the same part of my brain to converse on IM as I do in holding a speaking conversation.) So, needless to say, I can't talk on the phone AND IM. Normally that wouldn't be that big of a deal... because sitting with a phone to my ear and IMing - I can do that.

But tonight I was chatting with a husband of one of Spencer's classmates(C.) - long story, short - At Spencer's reunion, all the significant others were occasionally ditched so old classmates could catch up. So, we, in turn, got to know each other. It was either that or sit around....and honestly I don't just sit well. We had lots of great laughs. Completely innocent, but a good time nevertheless.

So, I tell Spencer tonight who I am IMing and about what. Spencer is convinced that C. has the hots for me. (I guess, I should have taken that as my cue to stop IMing)

Me: "Whatever. We are just chatting. Like I used to do with all my guy friends in college."
Spencer: "Yeah, probably because they ALL had the hots for you."
Me: "Yeah...that's why NONE of them dated me....because they all had the hots for me. It's nothing."

Again...I now know I should have gotten off the IM because Spencer then tried to hold a conversation with me... and of course, I couldn't follow it he hung up mad.

I admit I can't be in two places at once - physically or mentally. The most I can say is I'm sorry.

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