Monday, August 10, 2009

Life is stranger than fiction

What pushes people over the edge?
What makes them do things that are out of character?
Is it possible for them to regain their former self?

One of my friends is going through a divorce. (I won't give major details as I want to protect the innocent.) Her husband, however, is currently on an emotional roller coaster. One minute he will be as sweet as pie (his former self) and the next he is loud, belligerent, demanding, and OBSESSIVE!

He has never hit her (that I know of) but he yells at her. (Again, out of character.) The other day when I was with her, he was yelling at her on the phone and she was holding back the tears, so I took the phone from her and said, "Please stop."

He hung up on me, but this started him throwing his words at me. He started texting my phone. I think I received 12 full length texts from him in the matter of 5 minutes.

I was scared...for her, for me, and for my car I had parked in their driveway.

Not too long ago, she had hidden all of his guns and his ammunition. Two nights ago, he went off on her until she gave in and told him where they were. I know my friend has a good head on her shoulders, but I don't think I would have told him no matter what! He can only do so much damage with words, but with a gun...

Then last night, my garage door opened. I walked outside ready to get onto one of my boys because they were supposed to be getting dressed for bed. When I called their names, the answers came from their rooms. I re-closed the garage door. I was freaked out!!!

You see, I might just be jumping to conclusions... and it might have just been a fluke thing, but my friend's husband is a serviceman and he did some work in my house about 6 months back. At the time, I gave him the code to open my garage door and I have never just had my garage door open by itself. It just seems a little TOO coincidental.

I did the only thing I knew to do... I locked all my doors, stayed up (later than I should have) to listen for any strange noises, and kept a golf club by my bed (with plans to change the code this morning). Knowing that he has his guns again is what really frightens me.

I know...this all sound like something from a soap opera or a suspense movie...and right now I wish it were one!


  1. That is scary! Did you get the code changed?

  2. yes, code is changed. I also found out in changing the code how easily it is to add a remote to a garage door...all a person needs is access to the machine itself. I won't be leaving my garage door open while I am home anymore either!

  3. holy sh*t this made my stomach drop. so glad you're okay. head is still spinning.

  4. Scary, creepy, sad.

    And, what a chicken to send you texts.


    Glad you are okay. VERY glad.

  5. Hi Dawn. I was just going through your blog after reading your SITS post. I read this and it kind of stopped me in my tracks. You see, the man you described in this post sounds like someone I know. He was always kind, gentle, loving and an overall wonderful man. Then suddenly he sort of, well, went off the deep end and starting acting just like your friend's husband. We were all fearful of him day and night. It was a nightmare. We found out that he had started taking Steroids and was experiencing Roid Rages. I feel for your friend and pray that she is safe.
    p.s. BTW, the man I'm referring to is my brother.


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