Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Holding onto my 30's as tightly as I can

I have loved my thirties.
I gone through incredible trials and tribulations in my thirties, but I have also become a stronger, more confident woman throughout them.

I honestly love celebrating my birthday... Until this year.

This year came with some trepidation.
Coming to the end of an era... One that I have loved so much.

So, I specifically didn't plan anything. No party. No get together. Nothing.
I had decided that it would be fine if the boys and I just spent it together... alone.

However, my wonderful circle decided different.
First, my brothers, Nick & Tim and their families came down on Friday night and cooked me dinner.

Then, Saturday we all went and hung out at the butterfly palace.

After I dropped the boys off with their dad and everyone else headed home, I thought I would be alone with my thoughts of how depressing 39 actually is...

Until my bestie calls to tell me to get my butt up to her house.  (That's why I keep her around ;)  We ate and laughed and talked well into the night.

Sunday I recovered. LOL

Monday (when my actual birthday rolled around) one of my co-workers decorated my door way - First time that has ever happened!

Students brought me gifts.

Then I got treated to dinner with more family!!

Yeah... even when I don't have anything in the plan book, I'm sure glad God does.

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