Saturday, September 20, 2014

Listening to good advice

The reason I like hanging out with guys is that they give you a perspective that females just can't give.
Also, with guys most things are face value (girls... yeah, most of the time not, unfortunately.)
I have some great guy friends!

One of my guy friends J. recently told me that if a guy I dated didn't treat me as well as he treated me, then he wasn't worth my time.

I found that funny at the time... but it got me thinking.

I know that I haven't always had the greatest self-worth... and because of this, I allowed myself to be treated poorly.

I would never allow my friends to treat me poorly.  I tell them I don't need that type of drama... and yet, time after time, I allowed guys to treat me as such.

So... I decided to put myself back out into the dating world with this new mindset. "Would J. treat me this way?"

I have gone on two dates with a guy,  So far, he has proven himself to be up to that standard.  He keeps telling me that we will take it slow because I am special. (Yep, that's def. something J. would tell me ~ even though I tell him I don't always believe it)

I'm scared... because I would rather be single then to be treated poorly again. So, I'm baby stepping it.

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