Sunday, September 28, 2014

20 years later...

I had my 20 year high school class reunion this weekend.

I had mixed feelings about it.

Part of me was excited - I had helped my friend Leslie get things ready and I was ready for everyone to see our hard work.

Part of me was nervous - I didn't run around with most of the people in my class (sure I knew them, but we weren't close) and of the three girls I did spend my time with, only one was coming.

I went at it though with a positive attitude and thought, "Well, if it doesn't go well... I don't have to see them for at least another 5 years."

But it did go well... very well, in fact.
You see... I could have never predicted how it would have panned out...
And I'm glad I couldn't.

I made some great new friends out of some old acquaintances - My eyes were opened to the fact that just because people are lumped in with other people because of their interests does not make them catty and mean like the people they were lumped with...
In fact, 20 years later, they are still trying to get away from that association.

I found out that there are classmates of mine that think I am someone else... and that's okay... It's been 20 years, I don't expect you to remember.  But just for some clarification, my mom wasn't a sub at our school and I don't have 2 beautiful daughters.  Whatevs :)

I also got my ego stroked a little.  I got propositioned by a classmate - I turned him down.  He had been drinking and I don't roll that way. I'm not oblivious and as I looked up from my drunk classmate and my conversation, all eyes were on me and all conversations appeared to be about us. Afterwards, I found out that I did have some of my classmates throwing out wagers (against me) that the one-nighter was going to happen.   I told them to their face that I have more dignity for myself and our drunken classmate than to do that.  I was then told I had balls. LOL

My ego got stroked a little more by another classmate the next night(who wasn't drunk) who told me that he wasn't trying to hit on me but wanted to tell me that I was the prettiest girl in the class and that he was sorry he hadn't told me that 20 years ago when he knew I didn't have much self confidence.

My favorite part though was catching up with someone who had befriended me back when I started school there and then our paths parted.  She currently homeschools her children because of one of her children having a disability.  She said that he now wants to go to public school, but she is afraid he will be treated differently.  I told her how much I loved my students for their differences... and she cried and said she hoped her son would get teachers like me.  I told her I would pray for that to happen.

Yes, I could have never predicted how this weekend would have turned out.  But I'm glad I went to find out.


  1. Glad it was a good reunion! I can't figure out who someone had you confused with though. Whose mom was a sub and now has two daughters? And I only have 5 years to come up with an excuse to not go to the next one?

    1. You are going to the next one!!!! I was kind and only put nice pictures in this slide show... 5 years down the road, I may not feel so friendly ;)

  2. I've love to go to the next one! I really would, but I already have plans that night. And the next day, I've got that thing, and I would cancel the thing, but I just can't. ;)


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