Saturday, August 30, 2014

When it all becomes worthwhile

I struggled this summer not really taking a break...
I taught summer school, I tutored a little girl that was heading into first grade (her mom was worried she was behind in the reading), and I took master's classes.

I knew with all of this going on I really couldn't leave town for a vacation... I might have complained (just a little).

I like it when this come into focus... and this crazy summer finally has for me.

First off - Normally, I use my summer school earnings to pay for our vacation.
This year, my air conditioner decided to completely die... due to us not going anywhere, I had the cash on hand to pay for it - Sure, a new air conditioner is not as fun as a vacation, but I wouldn't trade my cool house right now for 2 weeks of fun.

Secondly, I got a text from the little girl's mom this week...
She said, "G. said today that they pulled each kid out of the room to test them on their Kindergarten and 1st grade sight words.  G. knew most of them and she was super proud of herself! When the testing was over the teacher came over and told G. that she was one of the top kids to know her sight words. Very, very thankful for your time spent with her this summer!

Thirdly, I realized that I am half way through my master's program!!!  In a year from now, I will be completely done!

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that good things are coming...

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  1. So glad that you can see the positives of the summer! Now moving on to Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec to complete 2014 as a good year of good memories & good health! Love you! Gail


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