Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pinterest Girls' Night

So we did it.
It was SOOOO much fun!
My bestie and I got together last Saturday night and tried out just a handful of the hundreds thousands of pins that we have already pinned.

I'll share with you the ones we actually got done(and their original links).  There were SO many more we didn't get to that we are already planning another Pinterest party!!!

First we started out with popping REAL popcorn in a brown paper sack... and it actually worked!!

All you need is 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels, a brown paper bag, and some fairy dust.
Okay... okay... kidding on the fairy dust! But you do need a microwave for about 2 minutes.
It turned out, but you need to remember that this is plain popcorn!  Not that buttery slathered stuff we are all  used to coming out of our microwaves....

Which leads to our next pin... microwave "kettle" corn.
(I forgot to take a picture of this one... and to be honest, it did not look as good as it tasted.)

Now, let me just tell you... I loooove me some kettle corn!!
This, however, is not like the kettle corn you think of... sweet and salty goodness.
This recipe has peanut butter in it... and that is exactly what it tasted like.
Don't get me wrong... I couldn't keep my hands out of the bowl... but it definitely was NOT kettle corn!!

Third, we went with a little Pixie Stick Martini.

Yes, It was as sweet as it sounds! (but it was still delicious!!)
They weren't a true martini, as we made them like the website suggested and we used vodka instead of gin... but they were tasty just the same!

We decided that we couldn't finish all of our drink right then... because we still wanted level eyes and steady hands for our next project.

Fourth, we made Bleach Pen T-shirts.
My bestie, Laura, and I have the uncanny ability to pick out the same clothes from the same store... so it was no surprise that when we went to Target to get t-shirts for this... that we would both walk out with the same color!
Laura and I had different approaches for our designs however... She wanted to stencil and I wanted to freehand.  We did decide on a common theme though...
Bob Ross... and some "Happy Little Trees" LOL

We learned the hard way with Laura's shirt that we most definitely should have gotten the contact paper as suggested instead of just making a poster board cut out.  The bleach spread underneath making her lines not as crisp as we would have liked.  We also learned that where you applied the bleach pen heavily it did not bleach as quickly as it did where you put it on lightly or where it bled to.  Strange, I know... but just FYI if you are planning on doing this yourself.

Next, we sock bun rolled Laura's hair.
Now... let me just tell you... I grew up with pink spongy rollers in my hair every Saturday night!  My mom loved my hair curly! (because it is as straight as a board on its own) So I would have to sit through her rolling my hair (forever) and then I would have to sleep on those uncomfortable things!!
If my momma had only known about Sock Bun Curls...
First we put Laura's hair in a ponytail on the tip top of her head. (Don't pay attention to the stragglers... they don't get seen later anyways...

Then we made the sock bun and rolled Laura's hair down on it.
It was really fast and easy! (way easier than I had thought it would be!)

Honestly, I was a I was simply amazed when the next morning Laura's hair looked like this...
Man... I wish my mom would have know about this!!

So... there you have it. Our first (of many, I'm sure) Pinterest Nights.

Also... if you haven't joined Pinterest yet... and you would like to become obsessed like me, please send me your email... or follow me if you are already addicted.


  1. Replies
    1. Erin, I KNEW you would appreciate a little Bob Ross :)

  2. What a fun night! I want to do more pinterest activities, and making it a girls night would be a blast!!

  3. Dawn I'm so envious, not just of your bleach tshirt, which I'm definitely going to have a go at over my Easter break, but also of the fun things you do with your best friend...I have 2 best friends, one lives over 2 hours away and the other I feel is growing further and further away fro me:(

    Have a good lovely.

    Ps I had a cup of fresh coffe this mornings and thought of you!

  4. That is awesome. You should look me up. Email me and I'll tell you what I'm under.

  5. What a fun night!! Very cool. I love home made popcorn. I make it and my daughter and friends all love it they come over just for that. I haven't made kettle corn yet though. Will have to look into.!

    Glad you had a great night! Very cool...


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