Thursday, May 26, 2011

You made me...

A  year ago, you made me wonder what lie ahead when you appeared on The List.

You have made me come home exhausted, falling asleep as soon as I sat down.

You have made me dread to go to school.

You have made me lose my voice.

You have made me stress to where I didn't sleep.

You have made me question if I made the correct career path.

You have made me worry... because I knew the other students weren't getting what they were needing because of you... but then again, neither were you.

You made me rearrange my room.

You made me rearrange how I thought.

You made me rearrange my world.

You made me learn you needed more structure.

You made me learn you needed a calm voice.

You made me learn to smile through frustration.

You made me learn to forgive quickly.

You made me show you I do care. 

You made me learn you needed someone to hold your hand.

You made me know that even though I have been harder on you than any other student I have ever been...
You made me know you will probably love and miss me the most.

and because of all of that...
You made me a better teacher.

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  1. Beautiful post. Are you finished for the year?


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