Wednesday, September 2, 2009

expecting questions

Sam lay on my lap the other night with his head up against my belly.

"Mom, you have any more babies in your belly?" he asked.

Ha! "Not right now I don't!" I answered.

"Well, do you think you could grow one?"

(You see, Sam has been going to a babysitter (other than grandma) and she watches a little girl about 9 months. This is the first time that Sam has gotten to be the big kid. I think Sam likes to be the BIG kid.)

So, I explained to him..."Son, mommas have to be married to have babies...and I'm not married." (I know, I know....this isn't true...but it is what 4 year old minds understand!)

He looks up at me with his big beautiful bluest of blue eyes and says, "You think you can marry Spencer any time soon?"

I'm thinking...maybe I will have to do a little more explaining.

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