Tuesday, September 8, 2009

birthday blues

Birthdays have always been special to me. A day that is no one else's.
I feel like birthdays are a BIG deal...which is why I'm down today.

See... today is my birthday.

I don't care about getting older... that's going to happen no matter what; it's the fact that I am spending my birthday alone.

Never in a million years would I believe that I would have no one with me on my birthday to celebrate it with me.

It's my own fault really.

I insisted on having my boys go to Texas with me this past weekend, thinking we would celebrate it there.... but we didn't.

So, today, my boys are with their dad...instead of with me...on my birthday.

And it's my choice to date someone who lives 7 hours away.
So, today, he is in Texas...instead of with me... on my birthday.

So...I guess I'm having a pity party... rather than no party at all.


  1. Thank you to all my wonderful friends who made sure I didn't spend my birthday alone. I love you all!

  2. I hope your birthday turned out better once your friends arrived. You deserve a wonderful day.


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