Monday, July 13, 2009

You know what "Assume" means?

With the world at our fingertips and Facebook always open, I feel at a loss when I haven't had a chance to login and see what mundane things my family and friends have been up to.

I mean do I really NEED to know when my friend that lives 3 states over has to go change out her laundry? No...but it makes us feel connected. So I go visit "the town gossip" (i.e. - Facebook) daily.

It's funny though when we post a vague status what things people can come up with as to what is going on in our lives. Assumptions...have you ever heard the saying "You know what Assume means??... it means you are making an Ass out of U and Me."

Here was my Status yesterday ~"Dawn wishes she had the ability to blink her eyes and it all be done."
Here was Spencer's Status yesterday ~"I got to can't take that from me"

You can make your own assumptions. LOL (*In fact, STOP READING NOW & POST your assumptions. I am always curious to know what ppl are thinking :) Also, don't read anyone else's guesses (yet) that would ruin all the fun :)

...but a friend of mine who is friends with both of us asked if something "serious" was going on between Spencer and I.
I literally laughed out loud when she explained "why".

You see, honestly, my status had to had to do with me getting ALL my packing done and my house cleaned before I left for Texas. (Sounds a little more mundane than what I posted right?)
and Spencer's status was the lyrics to a song he was listening to.
Neither status being "serious".

You know assume means???


  1. I stopped reading. I think your status means housework. I think Spencer's status is the lyrics to a song. Now to continue reading...

  2. FOR REAL. I did stop reading and comment before I read your explanation. I did!!!!!!

    Do I win a prize?

  3. You lie! You and your super-sonic speed reading skills picked it up before you had time to scroll down.
    (shaking head) I'm SO disappointed. LOL Love ya!

    Ugh...yeah. Your prize is...

    oh! I really wish I could think of something you HATE right now, but I am drawing the BIGGEST blank. So... your prize is that you posted first. :)

  4. I didn't see Spencer's status, but I did see yours and wondered what it meant. In fact, I wondered quite awhile. Then, I decided that you were not looking forward to the long drive to TX or something. If I had seen Spencer's status, I would have ASSUMED it was a song lyric.

    I will now return to the blog to find out the real answers.

  5. Sa-weet! I was spot on with Spencer's! Anytime I read someone's status and I have no earthly idea what it means, I always think it must be a song.

    I would also assume that you and Spencer do not use your statuses to communicate about serious things. Even though, I have seen it done with other people. Crazy.

  6. Honestly, we have used our Facebook status to communicate serious feelings... it just didn't happen to be that day :)


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