Monday, July 27, 2009

Did I mention the highway is NOT the way to go?

Day 2 ~Motorcycle Trip to the Smokey Mtns.
My stay in Aunt Liz's most comfortable bed was short lived. Spencer told her that a 7 am wake up would be fine... Doesn't anyone know the joys of sleeping in anymore??

Since we were already up early...I had a problem to fix. My knee armor in my motorcycle pants was not made for people with long legs... and I was bound and determined to fix that problem. We headed into town to buy some material for me to sew into the pant leg to make a new pocket for the armor. (Aunt Liz was kind enough to allow me to use her sewing machine)

But, you know me, I couldn't drive through the town of Hardy and NOT find something to take a picture of. Here is the town's history painted on a fence.

Us in a garden in the center of town.

I worked on those stupid pockets for almost an hour and a half. (Did I forget to mention that I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to sewing???) By 10:30, I was tired, frustrated, and still did not have the new pockets in place. I gave up in defeat. I knew we needed to get on the road. All of this, of course, had put us behind schedule. So instead of taking it easy...we got on the road, nixed our plans of stopping in Nashville, and rode onto Lenoir City right outside of Knoxville (doubling our planned miles for the day.) Who said we were supposed to make any sense on this trip?

The riding on day 2 was completely different from day 1. Day 1 was all about the scenery. Day 2 was all about getting there. I seriously think I could have fallen asleep sitting up and been fine... but not something I would want to learn the hard way.

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