Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have 2 main fears that affect me almost daily. I wouldn't go as far as saying they consume me and my every waking hour, but they are very much present.

Fear 1
Something terrible happening to my boys. This fear is greatest when I take them to a crowded place, whether it be a grocery store or a museum, or when I take them swimming. The thought of someone taking my child; them being scared and alone with a stranger wondering why the one person that should keep them safe is not OR them struggling in the water and me not being able to get to them grips me with tremendous anxiety.

Fear 2
Losing the love game again. I thought my first go around I had it right. I mean it lasted for a decade. But now, looking back, I see so many things that were wrong ~ they were wrong from the beginning. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20.
So, now, being in a new relationship any time I see a little problem, I want to run. I want to save myself from that hurt and heartache. I don't want to look back in another 10 years and think, "There were so many things wrong, wrong from the beginning..."

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  1. The love game can be hard to win. Try, try, try again.


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