Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ummm... That's NOT what I said

My son, Sam, is obsessed with practicing his spelling words.
You'd think coming from a mom, who is a teacher, that would be a good thing,
And it is...
Except that Sam is a REALLY good speller!
He has them memorized after looking at the list for maybe 5 minutes.

But he tells me he might forget them while he is sleeping.
So, we practice ...and practice ...and practice some more.

This week his words are ones that have -ar- and -or- sounds.
You know - farm, start, porch, fork,etc.

Well... mid study session Sam decides he needs a drink of juice but doesn't want me to stop calling off words.

So, from the couch, I'm calling off words and he is spelling them.
Then I call off "Horn."

From the kitchen, Sam yells, "PORN??  THAT'S NOT ONE OF MY WORDS!!"

So I shout back "HORN!!!!"
"Oh. H-o-r-n"

Glad I didn't have to explain that one...

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  1. Teehee! Maybe that will be the bonus word. ;)


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