Friday, December 21, 2012

How long could a half day last??

Today was our last day before Christmas break.
Half day - heck yeah!

At least that is how I was thinking before it all began.
...And then it began.

It started with me forgetting to set my alarm clock.
epic fail.

Then I couldn't decide what to wear...
sure, it was a Christmas party,
sure it was cold outside

But... in my brain... there was dilemma .
Do I go with the traditional red and green?? Or go off the beaten path? (I ended up with hot pink and green - the best of both worlds)
Do I dress for the cold of outside or the warmth of inside? (I ended up with the warmth of inside.)

By the time I got out the door, I was, of course, late.

The school day started out okay...
We had our gift exchange and we watched part of a movie.

...and then it started....That dreaded feeling that this might be the longest day EVER!!

It started with one of my students telling me she felt dizzy. She rarely eats breakfast... and I know this, so I gave her peanut butter crackers to eat... and she started bawling because I told her she had to eat them.  Then she lied about eating them... and told me she still felt bad, so I sent her to the nurse.(I, of course, didn't know she hadn't eaten them, otherwise I wouldn't have sent her.)

Right after that, I had another student paper cut himself. Even after the band-aide, it kept bleeding. We couldn't get it to stop, so I sent him to the nurse.

All of this was happening as we were lining up to go to computer class. By the time I got them all down the hall, I realized we were actually 5 minutes early.
Seriously. Early.

My ex, R. always jokes that I will be late for my own funeral.  Yet, here I was early.

There was no way I was turning them back around and going back to my classroom!  Not with all the sugar they all had in them, and not with 2 kids down to the nurse. So as we past the office, I decided that the office gals needed to share in the Christmas wildness cheer of my students so we stopped to sing.

During this time, the nurse took my student with the paper cut and was going to irrigate his finger.  He watched the band-aide come off his finger, he saw the blood, and he passed out.
The nurse starts screaming at the secretaries that she needs their help, and the secretaries start screaming at me to get all of the kids out... and I just knew it had to be one of the ones that I sent.

I, of course was thinking it was the little girl who hadn't eaten.

So, after I got my students to computers and came back to the office, I was surprised to find that it was the paper cut student who went down.
I then spent my plan time getting color back into the one that went down.
Oh... and did I mention that this all happened BEFORE ten a.m.??

Thank goodness it was only a half a day!!


  1. OMG...I am sorry but I laughed during your post. Sounds like a hectic morning. Hope the paper cut and dizzy kids were okay.

  2. Got to love those half days...when they feel like a week!


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