Friday, August 31, 2012

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.

Has anyone ever asked you how you were named?  Do you have an interesting story?

I feel (as a parent) that a child's name should have significance... meaning... a good story to tell why they are named the name that they are.  So when someone asks them, they can hold their head high and proud and tell their story.

Maybe I feel this way because of my story... here is the story of how I was named...

My parents hadn't found out the sex that I was... it was common practice back then, but they had picked out names. (Come to think of it,  I never thought to ask what boy name was picked for me...)

Anyways, I was supposed to be named Teresa Marie (for Mother Teresa and the Mother Mary - my dad was a devote catholic.) At the time my mom was pregnant with me, my dad was an adjunct college English professor in Alaska. He wrote a story about an Indian father who had to name his child before it was born.  The Indian father named his child "Dawn" for the dawning of the day.  My dad did a lot of writing at the time and didn't ever tell my mom about that story that he had written.  My mom came across that story one day as she was cleaning up the house.  She read it, but thought nothing more of it.  The morning I was born (at 4:56 am), my dad (not knowing my mom had read the story) hesitantly asked my mom "Could we name her Dawn instead?"  Since my mom had read the story, she immediately understood and said, "Yes! It fits her perfectly!"  They didn't want to COMPLETELY get rid of the names that they had mulled over, so my whole name is Dawn Marie Therese.

I love telling that story.
I love that I have a story.
Tell me your story.


  1. That's a lovely story. Mine is so boring by comparison...mum went into labour and we don't have a car, nor could she drive, so the next door neighbour had to drive her in his 2 seater MG convertible. They had bearly got her into her delivery room before I arrived. Yep I was a 'spontaneous delivery' - seriously?l Nine months pregnant with her THIRD child and I was spontaneous delivery? would have thought she knew what to expect and therefore there was nothing spontaneous about it.

    Any way, she took one look at me and said I was a Natasha, my dad wanted to call me May after his mother and thought Natasha was too posh a name for his daughter. Mum stuck to her guns however....and that's my story.

    Hope you're having a good day lovely!

  2. After all these years, how have I not heard the full story? That is a great name story! Rumor has it that my mom liked the name Erin after hearing it on the Waltons. Alicia is loosely based on my Great Grandma Alice, but Alice sounded too close to Ellis (I have to agree!). Had I been a boy, I would have been Eric Nathaniel.


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