Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Me in all of my baking loveliness

So I promised you yesterday that I would scan in the picture from when I won the recipe contest.

So here it is...

Yes, I was a senior in high school.
Yes, I did wear a turtleneck and an XL sweater.
Yes, I was bigger back then than I am now... but I have never been what someone would constitute as an XL.
Yes, my mother did convince me that I looked GREAT in that XL sweater. lol


  1. Lol I went through the baggy phase as well! Must be a teenage thing.

    Hope you have a good day x

  2. Silly, we all work XL! I'm not sure they even sold anything smaller. ;) Bonus points if you also wore men's button down shirts. Also extra large preferably.


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