Sunday, August 19, 2012

“Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night.” ― Charles Fisher

I had a dream last night.
I think it is my subconscious roaring it's little head.

In it, I had just arrived home from a date with Thor (that's what I'm gonna call the guy that I have been dating  from online.)
But when I say I arrived "home", it was actually the house that I grew up in as a kid.
Spencer (my ex-boyfriend) was in this dream. Supposedly he lived across the street and was stalking me. (I think that my subconscious put Spencer and my hot neighbor together into one creature - which is valid because in certain aspects he does remind me of Spencer.)

(Wow... there may be too much back story to even type out this dream.)

Any who...Spencer was out front of my house starting fires and threatening to burn down my house. Then he was stalking around the outside of my house trying to look in the windows.  Finally he was naked and jumping off the porch into my boys' kiddie pool. All throughout I was annoyed by all of these actions.

I had finally had enough and headed to the backyard where we had a shed.  I walked into the shed and all of my boxes from my past that were in disarray before were neatly stacked along the edges of the shed walls.  This "cleaning" had been done by a tall, country fellow with a cowboy hat and an elderly gentleman.  I thanked them and told them what a wonderful job they had done.  Then I wondered why I had been messing with all of these other guys that were driving me crazy when I had one here in front of me that helped make me feel sane again.

I have my theory as to what the dream means... anyone else want to give me their interpretation??

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  1. I have really interesting dreams sometimes dreams really bother me. I have nothing no clue on how what this may mean. Except for maybe you are really trying very hard to get rid of your past!
    I am glad you are blogging again!


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