Thursday, February 9, 2012

We MIGHT have our natural disasters mixed up here...

I laugh and joke with my secretaries all the time.
It's true what they say about... make sure you are in good with the secretaries, cooks, and janitors for they run the school.
Two days ago was the 200th anniversary of the New Madrid earthquake.  In honor of it, we had a school-wide earthquake drill.
Now let me just tell you, we don't get a lot of earthquakes around this area...I mean, 200 years have passed. Tornadoes, yes. Earthquakes, no.

The earthquake drill was supposed to happen while my students were at recess, so I stopped by the office to check and see if I should postpone my recess, or if we should just practice when we returned inside.

When I explained my situation to my secretary, she replied, "Well, I guess you could practice outside. I mean you need to tell the kids to get away from the building and watch out for flying debris."

I stood looking at her... trying to determine if she was joking or not. 
"Flying debris??" I asked laughing, "You know an earthquake makes the ground shake, not pick up and throw things at us, right?"

"Oh. Yeah. Maybe you should stay outside... cause the earthquake might not be throwing things at you, but I might." 


  1. Sassy secretaries are made for schools. The receptionist at our school should be on a sitcom

  2. Sounds like a fun place to wk ;)


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