Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remember when you looked forward to Valentine's Day?? OR Why Valentine's Day sucks when your single

My boys are beside themselves that we are out of school today... sure, the newly fallen snow plays a part in that... but there is also the fact that we prepared Valentine's Day cards that will not get distributed until tomorrow... the day after Valentine's Day.

I wish I could muster up that kind of excitement for this day of love. When I think of Valentine's Day now, the exact word that comes to mind is, "Meh."

I know this comes from knowing I'm not going to have beautiful roses sent my way.
Or have a mushy, gushy card handed to me.
Or I especially won't be getting anything in the shape of a little box.

But more than anything it is because the last Valentine's Day I was "with" someone ended with him breaking my heart and me breaking up with him.

Have I gotten over him?

But there is still that undesirable aspect of a holiday that is ALL about love when my heart was crushed then.
Here's to finding a guy that changes how I feel about this holiday...


  1. I agree. When you have someone you don't think about how it feels to not have someone. On the day.
    However this time around it ment alot less to me than in years past. Not sure why. Not that I'm not appreciative of the life or relationship I have.
    The sportsman got me exactly wjat I wanted. A big bottle of my fav protein powder. Lame? Maybe. But exactly what I wanted.



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