Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybe we need to have a pronunciation lesson...

You never know what conversation you are going to have with a student...

During our morning work time this morning, a student came up to me.
"What's a va-giii-ta?"

Taken back, I sputtered out, "Wh...Wha...What??"

"A va-giii-ta? What is it?"

Motioning for the little boy to come closer I whisper, "Where did you hear that word?" ...thinking he must be repeating a word he heard on the bus.

"I didn't hear it. I just want to know what a va-giii-ta is."

"Okay. okay." Dear Lord... just stop saying that word!!!!!  "How do you know that word?"

"It's on the board."


"Choice A... I don't know what a va-giii-ta is."

"Oh. Fajita."

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  1. Oh man, I wish you could be my child's teacher when she is in school. My husband is a public school teacher and it has made me lose all faith in the system..


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