Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boobie traps, fish, and bears OH MY!

My students and boys are always saying crazy things... things that I think are hilarious at the time, but by the time I sit down to share them with all of you... I have completely forgotten them.

Well... in the last week, I have had a few... and I wanted to share before they have left my brain and are gone forever.

Last Thursday I said to my bestie, Laura, (in front of Sam) "Sam is going to be the crown bearer tomorrow night."
Sam's eyebrows raised. His eyes squinted. Then he shook his head, "Mom, I am not!!"
"Yes, you are Sam... tomorrow. You are going to carry the crown." I replied.
"Yeah... I'm gonna do that. But I'm not going to be a bear!!  I'm wearing a tie... you know that!!"

Yesterday I asked a student how she knew an answer.  She answered, "Because I have mental tilapia."

Tonight as my boys are playing in the other room, Colby in a very sinister voice says, "Come. Walk into my boobie trap."
Without missing a beat, Sam replies, "I'll catch you in my nipple trap!"

And that my friends is why my life is consistently filled with joy.

I'll also leave you with a picture or two of where my class spent writing time today... it's not every February day we get 70* weather.

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  1. Your pictures made me miss teaching. Outside with clipboards...that was the best!

    And crown bear - that's awesome!


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