Thursday, January 12, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions... it's NEVER too late to decide to change

I know. I know. Resolutions... who really wants them?
I think this year they come for me more out of need than want.

My bout of being down in the dumps over Christmas really made me over-analyze my life.

So... here is what I have come up with...

This year I need to improve myself:

  • mentally 
  • spiritually
  • emotionally
  • physically
Mentally... I need to get "right" with myself. There is still a lot of hurt that I have managed to bury and it occasionally creeps out. I need to get rid of it completely so it doesn't have to creep any more. I am way too hard on myself sometimes...I expect perfection when I know perfection is not even close to being a possibility. I see my children putting undue pressure upon themselves. Unfortunately, I know they get that from me. I want to change that. I need to accept me for me.  The good and the bad.  I need to allow others to treat me well (because I deserve it... yes, I have to repeatedly self-talk myself through this one).  I need to remember that no one else but ME needs to forgive me for past doings.(It's so much easier to ask for and accept forgiveness from someone else.)

Spiritually... I need to do a better job of being a spiritual example to my children. I need to become more involved in my church and push for the changes that I want to see happen.

Emotionally... Hand-in-hand this one and the mentally healthy one are skipping along as best friends right now.  When I have resolved the hurt and the need for perfection, I won't be on the emotional roller coaster again that I was on over Christmas.

Physically... I just need to get back to being tone.  To be able to chase after my boys and not feel like an old woman.  I was there this summer.  I fell off the "keeping fit" bandwagon right after Thanksgiving. I need to remember... Don't give up! Push hard. Push through.

I have decided that above all... this will be my motto this year:
Live your life to the fullest. Never regret.

What resolutions did you come up with this year?  Have you already broken them?

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  1. Hi Dawn,

    Once again you seem to have read my heart and mind - how do you do that?! When you've figured out the answers to a) letting go of hurt and anger b) accepting you are never going to be perfect c) are worthy of everything and anything......can you let me know? .... I'll be your best friend?....



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