Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else

I was a walking "Funniest Home Video" this week... too bad I don't have a video camera on me 24/7.

Let's do a quick recap of this week...

Tuesday night Sam wanted a yogurt before bed.  He took one or two bites and said it tasted funny.  We had had take out and I told the boys to put all of their trash into the brown paper sack that the take out came in.

Fast forward to Wed. morning - It's trash day. It's time for us to leave when I remember this little tid bit. So, I  scoop up the paper take-out bag, put it on my hip and then I grab my bag, my coat, my purse. I drop my stuff off in the car and I make it to the outside trashcan. Right after I drop it in, I realize I have gunk on my hand. "What in the world??" It takes a few minutes for my brain to process that the gunk on my hand went with the soured yogurt that had busted through the brown paper sack and was now running down my side - all over my pants and shoe. Cussing under my breath, I made it back through the house only to find yogurt drips in multiple places on my carpet that had leaked on the way out. Ten minutes later, I left my house again... I was redressed, but I'm pretty sure I reeked of sour dairy. Blech.

Friday - I did a quick stop at the bank before heading to a movie with my friends. I don't ever seem to park at the bank drive thru where I can successfully reach the bank tube. Which, in turn, causes me to hang halfway out of my car window to just get the tube back into the little slot. So, as I'm doing this (hanging out my car window), I am also trying to close the tube.  Don't ask me how I managed to do it, but I closed/smashed the palm of my hand in the tube. Again, it took a few seconds for my brain to process what was happening. By the time that I did, I was in pain and couldn't manage to get the tube back open. I was slinging the tube around and trying to open the clasp all in one. I'm sure it was only seconds, but the pain in my hand made it feel like hours. I'm sure if the bank tellers were watching they got a good kick out of me and were probably saying, "dumb a**."

Saturday - The boys are done with their basketball games. I have in my hands - my purse, my camera bag, Sam's basketball shoes, a book bag, and my Sonic drink. (What can I say... I'm a mom.) I'm looking for my keys. I go to grab them with the hand that is holding the Sonic drink. I feel the lid begin to slip. My first reaction is to jump back. The cup falls to the ground, busts open, and covers me in slushy. This time, my brain reacted fast enough... but it still didn't save me.  I did feel though that I could be considered a member of "Glee". (See pic below if you don't watch the show)

yeah... I don't think I will go trying anything death defying this week... doesn't seem like the odds are in my favor.  However, if you would like to follow me around with a camera, chances are you'd get some good footage. :)


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  2. Lol, oh man I've had weeks like that. Mine usually involve me running into things and falling down a lot. I feel your pain! Hope the rest of your weekend is accident free!

  3. Hope your Sunday was better


  4. I've had that happen before. Slow motion with my coffee in my car. As the lid came off and spilled coffee all overin my console.

  5. I have totally had weeks like that! Hope it got much better!


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