Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies.

It's amazing how my children have learned the ability of the underlying jab.

Sam: I was hoping for a puppy for my birthday.  I was told I would be getting a puppy for my birthday.  I didn't get a puppy for my birthday.  I was then hoping for a puppy for Christmas. I didn't get a puppy for Christmas.  I was really hoping I would get a puppy.  What do you think about a puppy?

I told Sam that was his dad's promise... That I  would not be getting a puppy.

Last week, I guess, my ex, R, decided that Sam's "Puppy Monologue" had gone on long enough because I got this picture.

R split the cost of the puppy with his new girlfriend, K.
She has a son as well and they thought it was a good idea for the boys to "share" the dog.

One day in and the 3 boys are arguing whose dog it was.
Sam comes running inside to R and K.

Sam: Whose dog is it??
R: You are all sharing the dog... it is all of yours.
Sam:  Yeah, but whose dog is it when you and K break up???
R: .... uh.....(looking at K and then back at Sam)... it will be your dog.
Sam: okay (smile beaming)

See??... There's that underlying jab...
But the sad reality is that my children don't believe in relationships that last...


  1. Ah Dawn I feel for you, that's a sad one... you know I think you do a great job with them and I'm sure your boys will learn from YOU not all relationships end and do so badly.

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. First that is a very BIG puppy. and 2nd as long as the dog doesnt end up at your house.
    I agree its sad that he was already looking at the end result if things didnt work out.


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