Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whenever you need me, Just call, and I'll be there

My younger brother calls me tonight.
He is asking for advice... and needing a listening ear.
My boys kept saying, "You're still on the phone with Uncle Tim??!!"

After I am finally off the phone, I explained to my boys that when they are grown, they will call each other just to talk or for advice.
...or maybe they will call me.

Then fighting my voice from cracking, I say, "I wish I could still call my mom still sometimes..."

You can see Sam's wheels turning. "Is she in heaven?" he asks.
"Yep." I reply nodding.

"Well... then... you can call up to heaven, Mom... it's called a prayer."

Such insight for a five year old.


  1. That is amazing. We all could use a Sam in our lives.Lesson learned,buddy.

  2. You have a pretty good kid there,but then you already knew that.

    My son did the same thing this last week, called his sister needing advice.
    You see he got his first ticket. for speeding. excessively. and he wanted his sisters advice.

    Lets just say it didnt matter what adivce was given he got in a world of trouble.
    but Im glad he felt he had someone to go to, in a time of need.

    : )


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