Thursday, May 6, 2010

Patience is a Virtue... I DON'T have

Good things come to those who wait... but what about us that want it right now?

I always tell my students, "Be patient. You'll find out soon enough!" when I have put a "teaser" up on the board for what exciting thing is to come.

But I sometimes have a hard time following my own advice.

This is especially true with my love life.

I want the "perfect" guy and the "perfect" relationship right now!

But, I guess, God has other plans...

I think He is trying to teach me patience... and despite the fact that I am trying to listen and learn, that "teaser" has been put out there in front of me. It is so hard to not just question and question some more.

So... here I am... trying to be patient ...and wait for good things.

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  1. I know that is a tough position to be in. But I bet just as soon as you stop dwelling on it the perfect man will come into your life. and it will have been well worth the wait.

    Hang in there.


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