Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the tip on my tongue

Tonight Colby and I went out to eat pizza together. Just as we were finishing up, I started to hear this spitting going on behind me. You know that sound that people make when they have something just on the tip of their tongue and they are trying to get it off.

plfff plfff plfff

I didn't want to turn around...I thought that would be too obvious. Plus I figured it would stop... but it didn't.

plfff plfff plfff

I was so glad that I had already boxed my left over pizza before all of this began.

plfff plfff plfff

I couldn't help myself. I finally turned to the side to watch the guy out of my peripheral.

Nail biting is such a bad habit...but spitting (in a restaurant) is ten times worse!


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