Friday, February 12, 2010

Things NOT to be taken for granted

I harp on my boys... for yelling, for throwing balls in the house, for tackling each other to the ground.

But I forget sometimes...

I forget that I should be ecstatically happy that my children are happy (most of the time) and healthy.

I forget that there are parents out there dealing with unbelievable loss that would send me into a fetal postition never able to function again.

I just came across a website called Cora's Story.

Cora is a beautiful baby girl who died in her mother's arms because of an undetected heart defect.

Her mother is working towards preventing any other mother from ever having to suffer through what she has had to.

Please visit her website, share in her story, and be thankful for the healthy children in your lives.


  1. Such perfect timing for this perspective. Thank you, Dawn!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Cora's Story. I'm Cora's mommy, and I do work every day hoping no mother suffers what I did.

  3. True that, Dawn. We should all count our blessings many times every day.


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