Thursday, March 19, 2009

And in today already walks tomorrow

This past weekend when I was with Spencer and his kids, Spencer asked his son, Corban, if he was still planning on being a chef when he grew up. He said, "Yes."
So I asked, "When you are a chef, can I eat in your restaurant for free?"
Coban: "No. Only family we be able to eat for free."
Spencer: "Well, let me throw this one out there for you then. What if I marry Dawn, and she becomes your step-mom? Then she will be family. Then can she eat in your restaurant for free?"
I smile.
Corban: "Nope."

Corban and I have a pretty good relationship. (I think)
But... I have also been on the end of being the kid whose parent is going out on dates with someone... and I hated it!!!
So when Corban acted cold towards me the rest of the afternoon, I insisted Spencer talk to him and let him know that a marriage for us is not pressing. Not surprising...things weren't quite so cold towards me after that.
I've had several friends ask, "Sooo....When's the wedding?" Not sure if they were joking or not...but I (very seriously) tell them that I am not there yet! Not that it couldn't be in the future... just not yet.

Spencer and I are doing well...really well. We fit together. We don't do things to impress one another. We are just ourselves...which, in turn, is what the other one needs. We just don't need to rush things...and we don't need others to do it for us either.

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