Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just call us "The Brady Bunch"

When Spencer and I are together with his two kids and my two kids, we kind of feel like the Brady Bunch. We double our family's size.

(Yes...this took me WAY too much time on Photoshop...but it was fun :)

Not only do we double our family's size, but we don't have a vehicle that will safely transport all six of us. So...we decided to solve that problem this week.

We had been scoping out Suburbans for about a month. We knew that we didn't need a new vehicle. We knew that we didn't need an expensive one either. Just something that was clean, well-maintained, and could fit all six of us comfortably.

We found one in Oklahoma City. The guy had made many replacements/repairs and had kept the vehicle spotless. The price was we went for it!

It was the morning of St. Pat's day. We both decked out in green. (Me, more so, than Spencer...I mean this IS my holiday!)

Spencer laughed. He said, "Here I am, a 37 year old, dressed like a 27 year old getting a ride from my mom to go buy a vehicle in Oklahoma City with my girlfriend. Sounds like the premise of a bad movie."

I laughed too. It did sound pretty ridiculous. It's a good thing most of our lives aren't videotaped because most of us would find our lives on the gag reel on a weekly (if not daily) basis. His mom went along so Spencer and I could both ride back together in the Suburban.

When we got there, I let Spencer do his guy bargaining thing. I'm one of those folks that if you say the price is $5.00, I'll reach into my purse and pay you $5.00. I wish I was better at bargaining...but I'm not...and I'll be the first to admit it. Spencer, however, did a fine job of it and got the guy to lower the price. (Something to do with a spot of something on the air conditioner compressor.)

So when we headed out of town, even with the GPS, we managed to get lost. (I'm so used to getting lost it didn't phase me.) We, in fact, got lost onto an air force base. (Now quit laughing!) The military doesn't find people getting lost onto their base very funny. They did allow us to turn around, but we had to surrender our driver's licenses until we were turned around and headed back out.

We stopped to eat. (The whole reason for the GPS getting us lost in the first place.) Then we were on our way. We enjoyed our time together heading back in our new vehicle. As Spencer drove, I was like a little kid with a new toy. I climbed from the front seat to the middle seat to the back seat. Folding seats down and then back up again...and then climbing back up front again. (I'm sure his mom, who was behind us, wondered what in the world I was doing -LOL)

I'm not exactly sure why, but it was a great ride. We both were just so thoroughly happy... with the vehicle...the experience...each other.

As the sun was setting, we once again parted ways (like we do every other weekend), but not before we got a pic of us with our "new" set of wheels.


  1. wow. you two look so happy. which makes me happy. i love how you laugh at yourself. i can just hear you laughing, and crawling over the seats at the same time! :)


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