Saturday, May 24, 2008

Onerepublic Concert

I went to the Onerepublic concert last night in Fayetteville and was glad the weather chose to cooperate. I went to a Dirks Bentley concert last summer in the pouring rain - not really an enjoyable time. I haven't been to a "rock" concert in years. The main difference from the past concerts I have been to is that last night we had seats and we had to stay at our seats (so it was a little hard to crowd surf - lol) - Strange to me, as all the others have been standing room only.

They were opened by a band called "Jackson Waters" - who were actually really good. They had lots of crowd involvement - even went as far as to have the crowd do the Arkansas Razorbacks Hog Call - perfect for all of the Arkansawyers out there - complete new experience for me - lol.

I had originally planned to take my friend, Tina - but due to work issues, she couldn't get off to come with me. So I asked Spencer to go - He said, "I guess I'll take one for the team." This, of course, gave me a perfect excuse to go shopping. You can't really see the whole thing - but that's my new shirt in the pic.

(And, yes, that is a sunburn you see me donning - we had field day at school on Friday - I made sure all my students had sunscreen on and forgot about myself - lol ;)

We had a great time! Even despite the girl two rows ahead of us that kept standing on her chair blocking our view so she could record the whole concert (illegal, btw). The nice thing was Onerepublic obviously is loved by all. We were both afraid that we might be the oldest ones there. (Spencer more than me - lol) But we weren't. And, of course, we were by no means the youngest either - which we might be if we went to the "KC and the Sunshine Band" playing there next weekend - lol.

So...there you have it - a time well spent. And if you're one of those people that is still wondering, "Who is Onerepublic?" feel free to check out their website and listen to a few of their songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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