Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not AGAIN :(

I never cease to amaze myself! Tonight, I was innocently doing know thought it might be nice to wear clean clothes to the Onerepublic Concert I am going to tomorrow night. Washing all goes well. Then it comes to drying time. I throw my clothes into the dryer. Decide I can't remember when the last time it was that I changed the lint filter...and here is when "disaster" struck.

I had an ink pen on the top of the dryer and as I pulled the filter out, the ink pen fell in. (I have one of those shoots that is on top of the dryer.) I was like, "You've GOT to be kidding me! I don't have time for this!" So, I proceeded to remove the whole back of the dryer - which consisted of like 20 screws, only to find, once inside, more screws. I continued to remove screws...the only problem was parts weren't loosing up. So, I decide I better go look up a manual to help me out before I majorly screw something up. Yeah, let me tell you, I couldn't find a single one online that I didn't have to buy.

So I typed in my problem. Only solution I found was..."run dryer, fish missing item out when it comes through shoot outside. If item is too large, may make a clunking sound when hitting inside fan. If sound is heard, take apart dryer."

I had to laugh! For all the technology I can get my hands on, and this is the solution I find for something falling down my lint shoot! So... I went back upstairs and put back the million screws back into the dryer and I am hoping for the best - to NOT hear a "clunking" sound because heaven knows I am NOT going to find that ink pen coming through my shoot outside. LOL

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