Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Ol' Johnny

I head out of my garage today pushing my lawn mower. Since we have gotten SOOO much rain lately - it is time to cut my grass AGAIN!

Before I could even get my mower started - here comes Johnny out of his house (see my first posting if you don't know where I'm going with this).

"Hey there Dawn!" hollers Johnny. "You didn't go and put any more oil into that sucker, now did you?" "No, I promise!" I reply laughing. " remember what you promised me...that you will come get me the next time you want to do that." Johnny says jokingly (but I could tell somehow he was being VERY serious) "I will, I will...I promise!"

Then Johnny hollers to my other neighbor, Bob, who is sitting on his back porch - unbeknownst to me until that point. "Hey Bob! Did Dawn tell you what she did??? She put at least a quart of oil in that little ol' mower of hers. BOY - did she make a mess of it!" Both men started chuckling. I nod my head, somehow knowing that little blunder of mine will be brought up MANY, MANY times before I live it down! Glad I can bring humor to all their lives :)

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