Monday, March 11, 2013

To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life

I guess there is NO short road to death for me!!  ...and heaven knows, no one could accuse me of being idle lately.
My blog is obviously something that got put by the wayside.
I mean... seven posts in the month of January and February?? That's just down right pitiful, if you ask me.

There have been MANY a post that were written in my head that never made it to the keyboard.

They would have told you about frustrations of hoops that had to be jumped through that I don't believe are benefiting students of mine that need extra help.
They would have told you of proud moments... and sad ones... and ones that made me laugh out loud.

But I don't have the time... or the energy to produce those pieces that never got written down.  So just trust me.  The last few months have had it's ups and downs.

Let me just give you some of the highlights...

My cake decorating has taken off again.  I was asked to attach business cards to a coupon to have stuffed into bags for a local 5K.
No biggie, right??  Well... it is for a gal that didn't have business cards. (oops. - who KNEW I would need them?)
So, I ordered and they arrived one day before I was supposed to deliver them. (Thank the dear Lord!!)

Here are just a few cakes I have done lately...
A baby reveal cake

A baby shower cake

An air force going away party cake

Oh... and who could forget the 8 dozen of these beauties?

My children continue to make me the proudest Momma around ...Colby got selected for a Champion of Character award by my Alma mater.

and Sam got the Top Tiger award (character award) at his school.

You would think that them getting character awards every year would get old... but trust me, it doesn't!!  It reminds me that in this crazy world, I'm doing something right.  I thank the good Lord every day for well behaved children (and the resistance to not OVER correct when they do something that others would find minuscule.)

My friend, Kelly, got diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer in January. I know this is scary for anyone who gets news like this about their friends... but I just can't wrap my head around it.  She's too young  ...and too beautiful ...and, honestly, too healthy to have cancer.  I haven't seen her in person since her chemo has started.  I plan to do that this week. I told her I was going to come rub her beautiful bald head... and I will... because I know it will make her laugh... but as I do, I know I will be fighting back tears and be repeating silent prayers that my friend won't be taken from this world too soon.
Kel getting a round of chemo rocking her new short hair cut

If a friend with cancer isn't stressful enough, I have also applied for a new position in my school district. It is a district technology job.  I struggle internally daily.  I worry that I will miss the classroom and the kiddos.  I have basically been told that the job is mine... so why am I so nervous to count my chickens before they hatch?  Anytime any of my friends ask me about it, I downgrade myself and say that I'm not sure it will go my way.  Guess I don't want to get my hopes up in case the unexpectant happens??  I have the full support of my principal and everyone around me... and still I have a pit in my stomach.

In my classroom, my little RW has fallen of the behavior wagon AGAIN.  She has been naughty for everyone EXCEPT me. Which sounds great and all... except that it is for things that are getting her put into in-school suspension and out of my classroom.  Who knew I would want that child inside my classroom instead of out?

Ty and I continue to date.  The topic of marriage has not come up between us lately, but for some reason, it is on everyone else's  brain.  I filter questions about marriage almost daily.
It's exhausting really.  Because again, it is an area that I don't have answers to.  Sure, ideally, I would like to get married again, but then there is that self-reliant part of me that doesn't want to get hurt again and knows that keeping that little bit of distance is good for my own self preservation.

I continue to have AMAZING people be part of my life.  Ones the look out for me even when I don't have time to look out for myself.  I love that God sends people like that into your life.  I have a friend that called me up and asked what I had done for myself lately.  When I couldn't answer, they showed up the next day with a little gift for me... I shook my head and tried to tell them I couldn't accept it.  Of course, no was not an option.  I promised them that I would pay their kindness forward to someone else I saw not taking time for themselves... Funny how I already know I will do that, but wasn't willing to take the time to do it for me.

So there you have it.
MANY reasons I have't sat down to blog.
Also the same reasons I should be blogging.


  1. Your cakes look fabulous! And I think it's awesome that your boys keep getting character awards! They are good, GOOD boys. Clearly they get that from you. (Hi R!) :)

  2. Meg, SO glad you haven't given up on me. :)
    Erin, You crack me up! But yes, true ;)

  3. I dont like erin

  4. Hello stranger!
    Again, I think you're writing about me - well a little anyway - I've not blogged or have time for anything too!

    Congrats about the job, I have faith it's in the bag for you.

    Have a great day xx


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