Monday, March 18, 2013

Time is neither friend nor enemy it's just a measurement.

My spring break felt like weeks and flew by all in one.

I didn't have my boys most of my spring break...It's hard to fill my days when everyone is at work and I have no motivation.

And that kind of sounds like I am complaining, but I'm not.

I had a wonderful, lay around and do nothing sort of break... and sometimes you need that.

I needed that.

I had a LOT of think time and by mid-week though, I had decided that my lemon of a car was just that and I no longer wanted to fight with the dealership in trying to get a transmission fixed that they didn't believe was broken.

So I went and traded it off.

Some of you are probably thinking, "So???"

But you see, I had my car before this one for 12 years. TWELVE years!! I seriously cried and took a picture of it before I left it in the dealer's lot.
It had become a part of me and I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to love a car as much as I had loved that one.  It was my first BRAND new car. I loved telling people how it was the showroom floor car and that it only had 24 miles on it when I bought it.  I was SO proud of it!!

My last car, I reluctantly bought.  I had done my research. I had saved some money up. I knew what I wanted, but I hate going into debt.  I didn't have a choice though.  My Cavalier was slowly dying.

I bought it on Black Friday (which my Sister-in-law now tells me is bad luck.) I thought I was happy with it until the fuse to the radio was burnt out.  Easy fix, but it gave me a bad feeling.  That bad feeling subsided as I begun to love different little features of my new car that my old car couldn't have even thought of.  I loved the hatchback and it was perfect for delivering cakes. It had a regular plug in (that the boys just loved!) that was used to recharge batteries, run DVD players, and anything else we could come up with.

But I didn't love that the motherboard went out in the first year, and the barrings - front and back - went out in the second, and the transmission just kept getting worse and worse.

So, as I lay around my house doing nothing, I decided I needed to be done with it.

I really fought myself because once I dedicate myself to something, I am FULLY in - whether it be a car or a relationship.

So, I went in and said my piece and walked away with this beauty.
I wouldn't say I love it yet... but it is growing on me... and given time, I might even cry over having to sell it one day.

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  1. Lol again you seem to be writing things that are in my head!

    When L wrote off our Clio last month I was devastated - I kept getting tearful as I imagined (& told people) that she was waiting in a puddle filled cold wet unlit car park, scuffing her shoes (tyres) with a sore head, waiting for us to come & pick her up to take her home. I'm making myself tearful again!

    Hope you're taking care of yourself xx


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