Saturday, January 26, 2013

What makes them think *I'm* the one for the job??

I know I have made a name for myself...
I know I have become known as that teacher... You know... the one that straightens the naughties out and still loves them unconditionally.

I get that.
...because I do.

But it seems like the second grade teachers are putting dibs on me earlier and earlier each year.

Today (yes, it IS January!!) I was told by a second grade teacher that I had been chosen (I'll use that term lightly) for one of her students next year.

This little one is completely full of disrespect.
I see him in the bus line and my blood boils over some of the things he says and does.
...and I wonder...
Am I really the one he needs??

I mean, RW, despite wearing me out every day, is at least trying... She just can't control her impulses.
I don't see that effort from this child.

I'm not one to judge the book by its cover...
but right now, this is not a book I'm interested in diving into and getting to know better.

...and honestly, I'm kind of disappointed in myself... because I enjoy a good challenge... and I know when I don't have a challenge, I feel like this...
But right now... I think I would take that over him.

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