Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today he left without a kiss...

I know it is just something small...
but it was BIG to me.

We don't ever leave each other without kissing and saying good-bye.
I fretted all morning.

Finally I texted, "Are we okay??"
He immediately called.

He said he was sorry, that he didn't want to wake me, since he knew I didn't have to get up early today.
I told him to please always wake me for a kiss.

Tonight, as he was leaving, he said, "Always kiss her no matter what - even if it means you have to wake her... and Always feed her before she gets too hungry...  Okay. I'm learning.  Slowly... but I'm learning."

It made me smile.
This is what I have needed from someone all along... someone to know what I need without me telling them. 

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  1. awww! I'm so glad he is learning. :-) I remember the first time Match didn't sleep over, when we were dating. He was really tired and he just needed some rest. I fretted all night about it. I didn't say anything to him, just that I missed him, and I think he moved in shortly after that. :-)


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