Saturday, March 13, 2010

it started out as coffee

I headed into Spring Break with the thoughts of what might have been.
I know I would have spent majority of it with Spencer... if we were together still.

...but I knew that wouldn't help.
...thinking that way would keep me at home... in my pajamas ... sulking.
....and I didn't (don't) want that.

So, I stepped out of my (current) comfort zone.
I went on a date.
It started out as coffee.
It led to lunch.

We had good conversation.
He thinks were a good fit.

I am guarded.
I'm not ready to let someone in quite yet.
I think he understands this.

If not, at least it was a good day with good conversation...and no sulking.


  1. WAY TO GO!!!
    Have fun and enjoy life!

  2. Look at you! That's awesome.
    (If nothing else, you got that first step back in out of the way.)


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