Sunday, March 21, 2010

How do you choose your bracket?

Okay...I know this is NOT normally something I would blog about... but tonight as I am waiting for 60 Minutes to come on, the NCAA tournament was running waaaaayyy longer than the allotted time slot... so I sat and watched it.

Now...back when I was married, March meant filling out a basketball bracket on teams that I knew nothing about so that my ex, R., could have an "extra chance at winning" the pool he had entered.

Like I said, I knew nothing about these teams. I didn't follow college basketball... I mean, I occasionally went to a basketball game when I was in college, but I was by no means a follower.

So when these brackets were set in front of me, I had a few criterion that I went through in order to pick my winning teams.

1. If they had a really cool or strange name, I picked them.
2. If they had a good mascot, I picked them.
3. (and when all else failed) I'd check out their team colors...if they had a good color scheme, I'd pick them.

You'd be surprised at how well my picks worked :)

For one...Xavier (cool name) won yesterday.

For two...the Purdue Boilermakers (cool team mascot name...even though I had no idea what a boilermaker was till just recently~ i.e.- train, as in, locomotive...yeah, the picture in my brain of a Boilermaker was much more impressive) They, too, won.

And thirdly...the UNI Panthers have it going on with their Purple and Gold. Yep, you guessed it. They won too.

Too bad I wasn't playing the bracket this year with my awesome picks!
...I never did care for March Madness anyways...


  1. There seems to be a random nature to choosing winning teams, although I'm not a huge fan of March Madness either.

    Happy SITS Monday!

  2. My friend's six year old picked Butler because...well, it contains Butt of course! And something else that he decided sounds like nipple.


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