Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures of a what I find comfort in

I arrive ready to take over.
It's what I do.
A baby is born... and I am ready and willing.

It happened a lot when I was a teenager.
I was known as the resident babysitter for most of the families in my church.
When events occurred, it was a race to see who could book me first.

I especially liked it when there was a new baby in the house.
There is just something about it...

When mine were young, I didn't get to enjoy it in the same way.
Something about being so exhausted that you can't remember what day it is kinda takes away from the magic of it.

But here I am... back to the place that I once knew so well.
A place where after a baby is born... I am there... ready and willing to take over.

I walk through the door, scoop my niece up, hang her upside down and give her kisses.


Then I set my sights on my nephew.
My SIL hands him over.
She understands my love for babies and is gracious enough to indulge me.

Then I send my brother and his wife to bed.
I tell them I have it covered.
I tell them I will get Gracie to bed and get up with her if needed.
At 5:30 a.m., Jackson is up.

After he is fed, my SIL pleadingly looks my way.
"Go. Go. I've got this covered." I smile.
"Thank you." she mouths.

I am in my comfort zone.
Shortly thereafter, Gracie is up.
We play dress up while Jackson swings.

At 10:45 a.m., my brother and his beautiful wife stumble into the living room.  They look like they might actually be able to take on the day without a fog hanging over them.

It is time for me to go...I have done what I came to do.


  1. I know that fog, that pleading look, that desperation for uninterrupted sleep. And you've given those parents the best gift ever.

    1. That is what I told them. The gift of sleep is worth more than 10 boxes of diapers ;)

  2. What a nice sister and auntie you are! You never realize how nice sleep is until you have a baby. A few hours of sleep makes the world seem brighter

  3. Where were you when my daughter was born!?!

    But really, what a wonderful evening and morning. Sounds like everybody got exactly what they needed!

  4. I adore you. I'm not in any way related and I am 4 years removed from that infancy stage. But I remember it so well--or rather, my body remembers it so well-- that I'm kind of tesry just thinking about someone coming in and taking care of it al for a day.

    Crap. Who am I kidding? I still need someone to do this. Are you close to CT? No babies here but I can put diapers on them if that helps. :)

    1. Sarah, You crack me up! No, unfortunately I am NO where close to CT... but the offer of you diapering up your family does intrigue me. LOL


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