Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm surprised I have had time to sleep

You'd think around this time of the year I would know to slow down and to say no... but instead it seems to be just the opposite.
Here's the last four days in a nutshell:
Thur. Night 
Went to a friend's house for a bonfire and cookout.
Intended to stay an hour... stayed three.
Ended up being up till midnight baking cakes.
Day off from school.
Intended to sleep in.
Got a prank text from my bestie's husband at 7:30 am!!!!
Couldn't fall back to sleep. UGH!!
Cake decorated for a Sesame Street themed party.

Got done just in time to head to my friend, Ellie's birthday dinner and then out to watch The Lucky One with Zac Efron.(Okay... I didn't watch it with him... he is just in it... not that I would have minded it ;)
(This doesn't classify me as a cougar, right?  I mean 24 is a respectable age, right? :)

I was supposed to get up at 4 am and go photograph the sunrise with a photography group, but I just couldn't get bring myself to get up at that time.

Instead I got up at 6am and spent the day watching my boys and their friends play ball. (A much better sacrifice for sleep)
They played their little hearts out and got beat every game.
By the end of the day, we all needed some relaxation, so we decided to have a cookout with the whole team.
I volunteered to bring dessert. (Hey... it's what I do.)
I got home and realized that I had LOTS of left over cake scrapes but not much else.
So I grabbed my cake scraps... looked up how to make ganache and stopped by the store for cool whip and strawberries.
To say it turned out wonderful, would be an understatement... one of the moms coined it "Heaven"
When the alarm went off at 6 am again I was starting to wonder what happened to my wonderful weekend??
I made to the ball game on time and am proud that we play with families that are Christian. We had a quick devotion before the boys played since we all would be missing church.
The boys got taken to the cleaners.
It was UGLY!!
I can't say I was disappointed though... because I then had the rest of my Sunday to me!

Okay... I lie.  I thought I would... until I remembered ALL of the stuff that I have to do this week...
So, instead, I ran all over town price comparing basketball goals.
Found one.
Bought one.
Store guys put it in my car...
Drive home.
Hmmmm... no store guys to lift it out of my car...
No neighbors around on an early Sunday afternoon.
So I did it.
Yep, little ol' me... all by my lonesome.
(Of course, my retired neighbor, Johnny, got home just as I finished sliding it into place.)

I wish I could say my week is going to slow down... but me sitting here sharing with all of you has been the most I have sat down. Not that I'm complaining... just don't expect to see me around till this time next week. :)

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