Thursday, April 8, 2010

See??...I'm NOT crazy!

He never hit me.
Not once.
We rarely rose our voices around each other.

But, somehow, someway, he made me feel like I was crazy when I crossed him.

I had friends point it out to me... "He's acting like what you did was wrong. When, truly, he was in the wrong."

I didn't listen.
I loved him.
Why would someone I loved belittle me? Want to make me feel like crap?

But after our month and a half break up, I thought we could give it another shot.
I caught him in a lie.
He told me that when I stopped listening to the voices in the back of my head to contact him.

Finally, I realized.
I saw what my friends had been telling me.
I stood up for myself.
I told him it was not me...and to not try to put it on me!

He then tried to tell me he wasn't putting anything on me...that I just have the most suspicious mind.
(It's not suspicion when you catch someone red-handed.)

He then tried to make it better by asking me & my boys to join him & his kids on their camping weekend ...or could he come up to see me.
That backtracking showed me he knew he had lost.
I didn't respond.
He texted good-bye 3 times.
I didn't respond.

Sometimes even when people point out the bad, you don't recognize it until you actually experience it yourself.

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