Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blown Away!

We had a wonderful time at the boys' party!
We had invited everyone from both of the boys' classes at school. (That's the school's policy if you want to send invitations to school, you must send one to everyone in class.)

So, in turn, we had several parents (that I had never met before) come with their child to the party.
(Better than the parent who sent their child with another child... only for them BOTH to be dropped off and me never meeting either set of parents until 2 hours after the party was over! - but that's another story... I mean I could have been a psycho killer for all they knew! ...okay. okay.... Stepping off my soap box...for the time being.)

Anywho...I had this one mom who called 2 hours before the party and kept me on the phone for a half an hour telling me her whole life story. I finally had to politely tell her I had to go. (I mean, I was trying to get ready for a party here!)

When she arrived, you would have thought she brought the party circus end of the world with her... everything was a huge commotion!

From her bouncing her 5 year old up and down as she shouted, "Whose my baby? Whose my baby? Whooose MY BAAAAAAABY?"

To her filling a cup of lemonade all the way to the top for her 5 year old, only for him to knock it over and it spilling all over my freshly mopped floor, and then her walking away leaving the spill for me and my friend Laura to clean up.

But those 2 things weren't what took the cake... no, see... the party was from noon till 2 pm. Right around 1:30pm, this is what we saw outside:

The trees started blowing sideways, and I thought we might have to figure out how to hunker down 50+ people in my computer room in the basement.

About this time, this mom received a phone call from her teenage daughter. Her daughter was hysterical, crying and carrying on about tornadoes. After the mom got off the phone, I asked her if everything was okay.

"Oh...she'll be fine, she's with friends. A few years ago her grandparents were killed in a tornado, so she kinda freaks out now."

Me: "Are you sure you don't need to go?" (Hey, you can't blame a gal...)

"No, no. She's fine."

I guess I should have pushed that issue... 'cause that mom was at my house until almost 4 pm. (Did I mention the party ended at 2 pm?)

But that's not even the most frustrating funniest strangest part of it all... no, this is:

The next night on the 10 o'clock news there is a story.
A story of 3 teenage girls being swept up by a Fzero tornado.
The girls weren't seriously hurt, just picked up, tossed around, and now scraped and bruised.

Yep... you guessed it... it was the daughter of that mom!

...Not sure why the story surprised me any...except for the fact that don't you think that daughter would have said something like, "MOM! I was in a freakin' tornado!!!"

Or, maybe, the daughter is all commotion like the mom ...and things like this are normal???


  1. WOW!! That is crazy.

    My sister in laws brother was actually in his house last week when a tornado picked his house up and flipped it several times with him in it. They lost everything but somehow, he's ok. Crazy. So sad, but it's so amazing that he's still alive.

  2. I am so glad that my kids dont have parties anymore. I dont think I could of handled that mom that stayed way past the party time.

    How frustrating. To say the least.


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