Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy 7th birthday Colby!!

Today is Colby's 7th birthday.

It's hard for me to believe some days that he is already seven.
I know. I know. People always say that it goes in the blink of an eye... but it has! Still in my brain, he is a 2 year old - with a vivid imagination, slightly independent, but still wanting Mom.

Colby has definitely come into his own this past year. He had gained himself a little attitude that I, as his mom, am not sure I care for, but he has also gained the ability to be a secure, independent reader and he has also grown through 2 pant sizes. That's a LOT of growing!! (mentally and physically)
Tonight I took him out for a birthday dinner. The whole restaurant ended up singing "Happy Birthday" to him. It made his day! He took it completely in stride...NOT embarrassed at all. (like his mom would be!)
As we headed home, another storm rolled in.
I tucked him into bed and again wished him "Happy Birthday", he then looked at me and said, "Mom, could I maybe sleep with you tonight??"

He may be seven...but he's still my little boy! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Colby! Your card will find it's way to the mail this week! :)


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