Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm on fire...wish my grill was

Last night I got home, I cut and weed-eated my lawn, unloaded and reloaded my dishwasher, did two loads of laundry, and graded half the stack of papers that I had from Friday (because I was too busy doing fun stuff over the weekend), and Monday (because I was sick), and Tuesday (that day). I accomplished all of this from the hours of 5-11 pm.

I was on fire!

Today at school, Laura and I were brainstorming ideas to do with our small groups. She would tell me what skill she was thinking of covering and I was coming up with activities left and right.

I was on fire!!

Tonight I got home and planned on grilling steak for the boys and me. I, of course, always buy the charcoal that always has the lighter fluid already on it so it will be fast and easy. However, it was not. No matter what I tried, I could not get that bleepin' charcoal to light!

Being on fire does nothing when you want something actually on fire.

So much for being on fire...


  1. I have a little bloggy award for you - maybe it will start a spark? No?

    Well, hope you like it anyway - come check it out!


  2. That is the WORST. I have a charcoal grill too and when I make the effort to prep everything and get it ready with enough time to get the meal cooked before the girls melt down AND it won't light? Take-out, baby. Take-out.

    (Though you're so lucky to get that burst of motivation to get so much accomplished.)


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